BNU Philosophy Summer School

Chinese Thoughts and Modern China

July 10-25, 2015

School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University, Beijing


Chinese philosophy is the key to understand Chinese culture. In order to strengthen the international outstanding young people’s knowledge and the understanding of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary China, to promote interaction and communication between Chinese and overseas young talents, the School of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University has successfully held the first session of BNU Philosophy Summer School from July 9th to 22nd in 2015, which is themed by “Chinese Thoughts and Modern Civilization”. The program was financially supported by the Young Leaders Fellowship Subprogram of Confucius China Studies Program of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Beijing Normal University. The 2015 summer program enrolled 27 overseas participants from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and 8 Chinese students who were keen on Chinese culture and issues.


The two-week summer school invited renowned scholars from six universities of five countries to share their insights with the participants. The summer school has organized diversified activities, such as academic lectures, group discussion, trips to places of interests, to enable the participants to compare Chinese traditions with the West from different perspectives. Through those activities, the philosophic essence of traditional Chinese culture and the current situation of Chinese culture has been fully presented.


The 2015 summer school program has attracted broad attention from domestic media. People's Daily Overseas Edition, Guangming Online, Xinhuanet, CRI Online, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Daily, China Culture Daily and many other mainstream media has reported in different lengths on the 2015 program; at least 62 web portals including the Confucius Institute Headquarters official website,, Universal network, China Daily, Reference News, Guangming Online, China Network, Netease, PhoenixNet, Takungpao, Tencent, Sohu, Sina reprint the news of the summer school program.

University Names
America Europe Asia
Queen's University (CAN) Amsterdam University College (NL) Beijing Normal University (CN)
Loyola Marymount University (USA) Complutense University of Madrid (ES) Hebei University (CN)
University of British Columbia (CAN) Helsinki University of Technology (FI) Nanjing Normal University (CN)
University of California at Berkeley (USA) Munich University (DE) Shanghai University (CN)
University of Tennessee (USA) Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III (FR)  
  University of Amsterdam (NL)  
  University of Helsinki (FI)  
  University of Macerata (IT)  
  University of York (EN)  
  Utrecht University (NL)  
  VU University Amsterdam (NL)