The Opening Ceremony for Confucius China Studies Program· BNU Philosophy Summer School was successfully held

    On July 10th, Confucius China Studies Program· BNU Philosophy Summer School Opening Ceremony was held in Beijing Normal University (BNU). Themed “Chinese Thoughts and Modern Civilization—The History and Thoughts of Daoism”, this two-week summer school is aimed to introduce the core concepts of Daoism and its theoretical development in history, to promote the foreign students' understanding of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary China, and also to encourage worldwide young leaders who are interested inSinology to facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the world.


                                                                                                                                        Scroll Opening Ceremony

          Ms. Wei Wei, Party Secretary of the School of Philosophy of BNU, Prof. Chen Xia and Associate Prof. Thomas Michael, two Lecturer Representatives from this summer school, Student Representative Christopher Yang from Harvard University gave speeches. Many other honored Guests and all the summer school participants attended the ceremony. 


 Ms. Wei Wei, Party Secretary of the School of Philosophy of BNU 


Associate Prof. Thomas Michael, Summer School Lecturer Representative

        35 Foreign Chinese culture enthusiasts and researchers from 14 countries and regions (the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Mongolia, Bulgaria, India, Bangladesh, etc.) and 5 Chinese students who have deep understanding of Chinese philosophy gather together and enjoy this cultural journey in this summer. 2017 Confucius China Studies Program· BNU Philosophy Summer School invites famous professors from 5 countries and regions, including Prof. Livia Kohn from Boston University, Prof. Csikszentmihalyi Mark from University of California at Berkeley. Prof. Assandri Friederike from University of Heidelberg,Prof. Chen Xia from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Liu Xiaogan, Prof. Li Jinglin, Prof. Zhang Weiwen, Prof. Qiang Yu,Associate Prof. Michael Thomas, and Associate Prof. Jiang Limei form Beijing Normal University.


Summer School Participant

    This summer school also organizes a variety of cultural experience activities, such as observing traditional Chinese therapy, visiting Baiyun Guan, learning Chinese calligraphy, making Chinese dumplings, and visiting the Imperial College and the Great Wall.